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The uniqueness of Cheteshwar Pujara

Sometimes watching Cheteshwar Pujara bat can be a long ordeal for his fans. Particularly when you want him to do well. Before he scored a wonderful hundred in the Southampton test,   Pujara’s place and indeed his ability overseas was constantly being questioned. As a fan, you wanted him to score runs desperately- a fifty – a seventy five- if a hundred was not possible.   That would ensure that he would not be dropped for the next couple of tests (though you are never sure with the current Indian team management).As his fan you felt the tension when he was batting.   Fans cried- Come on Cheteshwar-Score runs- quickly if possible- and relieve us of the tension. One would think that the pressure on him would even be more. But Pujara is least bothered about everything. All he wants to do is the bat the way he normally does. He takes a while to score his first ten runs. And takes some   more time to score his twenty. And some more to get to thirty and so on. Why last year in South Africa

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