Sad days for Indian Sports

I know this blog is primarily for cricket. But after our shambolic performance in Doha , i have to put forward my thoughts on the State of Indian Hockey.

The loss to China in Hockey was disgracefull. What is even worse was the constant state of denial that K.P.S Gill is living in. This dictator has ruined Indian Hockey. Quality players like Ashish Ballal , Dharaj Pillay and off late Viren Rasquinha have sufferred from him.

There has to be some minute accountability atleast in sports. KPS Gill has been running Indian Hockey for GOD knows how many years. Aprt from one golden moment at Bangok in 1999 , we have achieved nothing during his tenure.

Something must be done to change the scenario . For starters KPC Gill and his team must go. Have somebody who is accountable. Have a selection commitee which picks players on merits. And please please treat players with respect.

On another note England's miseries in Australia continued while India were absolutely hammerred in the last one dayer. There used to be Marathi show called " Popat Zhala re". After VVS got out first ball , i guess that title was applicable to me.


Unknown said…
Would you be interested in publishing any articles on cricket and/or hockey. I think that cricket's overshadowing poularity might be an interesting topic to discuss.

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