Indian cricket now enter perhaps its most significant phase . Two one day series followed by the biggest prize of them all...............the World Cup. If the last World Cups are anything to go by there will be cricket fever everywhere. Sponsors will start cuing up, music albums will be released and the players will make a lot of money. God forbid , if we don't do well, the same will be given as reasons for the non performance.

But before we turn towards the World Cup lets spare a thought to the cricket played over the last two months. The last two months saw two very good test series being played. India and South Africa played some very fascinating cricket and all though Australia won five zip some , the Ashes saw some very good test cricket being played. Convincing me further that Test cricket is the real thing. One day cricket has become very predictable and boring. People enjoy one day cricket because apparently the batsmen are very attacking in that form of the game. Well by that Logic , Test cricket, in which both the Batsmen and Bowlers are attacking should be a better game.

Well anyways lets brace ours elf for 4 months of one day madness.


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