Good Bye Greg............

If you are genuine cricket fan and I really wonder how many of those are really present in India today, you should be very disturbed by what’s happening in Indian Cricket. Every new day brings a new story…….. From a new reliable source. Greg Chappell doesn’t like seniors………. Seniors don’t like Greg Chappell…… Sachin doesn’t like Rahul…….. Rahul doesn’t like Saurav…… Do we really care?

Actually we do. Otherwise we wouldn’t be reading it. And it is sad we do. Because it means that we as a country are looking for all the wrong reasons. Team spirit is an essential ingredient in cricket but it is not the be all and end all. Clive Loyd and Viv Richards didn’t see eye to eye very often, yet this did not prevent the West Indies from being the force that they are. Javed Miandad and Imran Khan hated each other’s guts, yet they were instrumental in Pakistan winning the World Cup in 1992. Every Cricket team has problems, the good ones overcome them , the bad ones use them as excuses.

However the real concern is the way the dirty linen has been washed in Public. Media leaks are very unhealthy and the BCCI should have done something long time back to stop them. However everybody likes their moment in the sun and the BCCI is no different. Why would you want to stop something which is giving all your members 15 minutes of fame?

Greg Chappell tried his best to transform Indian Cricket. Unfortunately his methods weren’t suited for Country and he was too rigid to change his ways. However you cannot deny the fact that he had the conviction of mind to try something. Unfortunately for him it didn’t work out.

Whoever is the new coach, has a tough job. Not just on the cricket field but off it as well.


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