As India won the T20 World Cup in South Africa, there must have been one man smiling in great irony somewhere in Australia. Greg Chappell had always emphasised on youth. He had always emphasised on a team having 11 players, not 11 superstars. He had always emphasised on atheletic cricketers who were good in the field. Funnily enough the team that won the T20 World cup had all the requisites that are mentioned above.

And look at the players who were successful for India. RP Singh, Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh, Robin Uthappa, Sreesanth.............. All introduced under Guru Greg by Guru Greg with a eye on the future. He loved the word process. He started a process which ultimately paved the way for SouthAfrica 2007.

Greg Chappel hada vision for team India. I dont think he was ever against any individual. He had a vision......... unfortunately we doubted his intentions. doubted his vision. I think South Africa 2007 was a victory for Greg's vision. A young vibrant modern day team India won looked great in the field, ran brilliantly betwen the wickets and won a great victory.

Nobody has said it but ill say it...............Thank you Greg


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