IPL and all that.

The DLF Indian Premier League (to use its full name) is in its third week. I must admit that inspite of not enjoying 20-20 too much, I have enjoyed watching the IPL. I thought I would outline certain points with respect to the IPL which are as follows:

1) I must say that the idea of going home after work and watching a full game of cricket and yet hitting the sack at a reasonable hour is very good. That’s why T20 is a very good product and is going to improve cricketing audiences all over the world.

2) I have enjoyed watching some of the young Indian players perform. Dhaval Kulkarni bowled two outstanding overs at the death against Kolkotta and Delhi, Pragyan Ohjha continues to impress and Shikar Dhavan and Karan Goel look good batting prospects. Debratt Das went in to bat in front of 75,000 people after his team had lost two wickets in the first over and smashed Ashish Nehra for a six over midwicket- indication that the guy has amazing temperament, and Abhishek Nayar and Ravindra Jadeja have been brilliant in the end overs. The future of Indian cricket is in safe hands.

3) Everybody is telling me that VVS Laksman and Rahul Dravid are poor 20-20 players. The last time I saw them play, Dravid smashed two sixes in the final over which ultimately helped his side win a close game and Laksman scored a 50 in 32 balls. Either I am following a different game or there are certain players who are bound to be criticized in spite of what they do. Unfortunately, the latter seems the case.

4) All though 20-20 is a batsman’s game you need bowlers who can give you control. Step in Glenn Mcgrath and Mohd Asif….. That’s why Delhi has been so successful.

5) I am bored to talk about Sreesanth and Harbhajan. Enough has been said about their behaviour in the last six months or so. I don’t care who slapped who and why.

The true test for the premier league however starts now. People have been watching the league continuously for the last 20 days and if the league manages to sustain interest till June 1st, then the IPL will truly be a mega hit. Many people are predicting that the interest levels will go down and only time will tell whether this ‘Manjoranjan Ka Bapp’ is as loved in its final stages.


Viswanathan said…
Yep. The performance of the unheralded youngsters have been a revelation.
Anonymous said…
Spot on with #3 and #4. Couldn't agree more with whether the interest will last. If it doesn't, it might turn out to be nearly another WC 07.

Nice blog you've got there btw. Adding to my blogroll.
Thanks for the kind words VM.
Anonymous said…
To be honest for me, the interest has come down a bit... but I couldn't agree more that it is superb to get back after work and sit down for a game of cricket. Gets better on a weekend with a chilled afternoon beer.

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