Dealing with Tough Times

They did it……. They blew it…………… sad but true………… end of story.

If only Jaysuriya was given out LBW first ball…………If only Sangakara would have been run out first ball……….If only Chmara Silva and Dilshan wouldn’t have been allowed to get away……. If only Ganguly would have kept his head……….If only Sehwag wouldn’t have been a sitting duck to Murli when he had the bowling at his mercy…… If only Yuvi would have kept his head……….. If only………

Unfortunately these days Indian cricket is very an often a story of ifs and buts. And these ifs and buts always hide the real facts. Fact is that apart from a brief period in 2003-2004 we have had a very mediocre team for a very long time. Fact is that our best players are past their best. Fact is that we lost to two teams who were better prepared, better equipped and better balanced in the grammar of the one day game.

These will be tough times for Indian cricket. Some hard decisions will be needed to be taken. Unfortunately the one man who was ready to take some tough decisions will be shown the door. You may agree or disagree with a lot of things which Greg Chappell did. But you cannot disagree with the fact that he had the conviction of mind to take some tough decisions. Unfortunately we as a country always tried to find something sinister
behind his every move.

Indian cricket will need to find its feet again. Take some tough decisions and concentrate on winning matches. Not on making money. It's not the Indian board's motto yet, but as someone once famously said, "Money can't buy happiness but it can give you the kind of misery with which you can live comfortably."
And by the way, please don’t tell me that we are a cricket loving nation. Because if we were, we would have been looking forward to the Australia South Africa game. Rather than burn effigies.


Unknown said…
The main reason we being out of the 2007 world group is not that we are short of talent...but we the indians need to be mentally strong like the kangaroos or the kiwis..and am sure we will win many more matches with the present lot....

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