The Fun Begins

I was 10 years old when the 1992 World Cup took place in Australia. It was a wonderful tournament, although i was very disappointed with the Indian performance. The one lasting memory I have of event is of watching India beat Pakistan at MCG. Sachin Tendulkar was the Man of the Match that day and he quite simply carried India's hopes during that tournament. 15 years later not much has changed.

The 1996 WorlCup again had an unforgettable India Pakistan Match at Banglore. Ajay Jadeja was the hero this time . The entire country was in a frenzy as Jadeja made Waqar Younis look like a club bowler and smashed him to all parts of the ground. The Cup though was won by Sri Lankawho were quite briiliant during the tournamenmt.

1999 and 2003 World Cups were dominated by the Aussies. 2003 saw Sachin at his brilliant best. Caddick and Shoiab were smashed for unforgattable sixes in their respective games and it was Sachin at his very best. Ashsish Nehra's spell against England is another unforgattable memory from that tournament.

What about 2007 ? fun for sure. Its the West Indies, perhaps the best place to watch cricket. The format for the tournament is also very appealing. So let the fun begin.


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