World Cup Favorites

Are Australia as bad as people are making them out to be? Is Nathan Bracken a bad death over bowler all of a sudden? Is the team suddenly very inexperienced? I don't think so.

The Australian Team that lost to New Zealand was without Ponting, Lee, Symnonds, Gilchrist and Clarke. That constitutes alomst half their team. In such a scenarior , realistically Australia had no chance of winning. 4 of the above mentioned names will be back for the World Cup and will make a huge difference to the side.

All though Australia will miss Lee, the one person who they will want desperately to be back is Andrew Symnods. Symonds with his power full hitting, exceptional fielding and more than use full spin bowling will be a vital cog in the Aussie Wheel. If he is fully fit, Australia will be hard to beat.

Sri Lanka, India, South Africa and Australia are my picks to be in the last 4. An India South Africa final with India avenging the humiliating losses suffered just abt two months back will be the perfect ending.

Ahh and by the Way are Shoiab and Asif really injured. If they are then they should be replaced. If they aren't then the players should not be allowed to be replaced. But who knows what the truth is.


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