Lets keep our dignity

Saturday and Sunday apparently showed the world how passionate Indians are about cricket. Cricket is our religion we proclaimed, and hence we burn effigies. We are crazy about the game and that’s why we threatened Dravid’s family. India had lost to Bangladesh and as a consequence Dhoni’s house needed to be ransacked.

I was as devastated as anybody across the country when India lost to Bangladesh. Honestly speaking, we should have never lost to Bangladesh. But that does not give any body the right to vandalize property or threaten the players or their families.

“ Whatever happens we should not lose our dignity”. These were the famous last words of Jock Stein, the famous Scottish Manager. Minutes later Jock suffered a heart attack and died on the football field during his team’s final World Cup Qualifying game. Scotland won that game and Stein never did lose his dignity. Nor did Rahul Dravid or Greg Chappell lose theirs. They were disappointed, perhaps even devastated, but they did not lose their head like some of us did on Sunday.

And what do we say about Bob Woolmer. He was dignified enough to apologise for his teams defeat. And then he went away. His death should be a lesson to all of us. Whatever be the reason of his death, Bob Woolmer did not deserve to die simply because Pakistan lost to Ireland.
For at the end of the day, cricket is only a game played with a leather ball and a wooden bat. Nothing will ever change that and we should never forget that.


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